Meadow Sprouter


The perfect elegant way of germinating seeds in their individual cups. This meadow seed sprouter set designed to provide shelter to the freshly sowed seeds helps to keep insects away and the seeds protected from weather elements that may dislodge the seedling in its early stages.

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Material: PP plastic

1. The bottom does not leak water, suitable for home gardening and plant maintenance, neat and convenient.
2. The inner water barrier design, the flowerpot does not touch the bottom, it is breathable, easy to drain and prevent root rotten
3. Convenient to soak the basin, the partition comes with a water blocking plug, and the basin can be soaked by cutting off and blocking the drainage hole
4. It is also very convenient to open the drainage hole, and it can drain and breathe.
5. Variety of combinations, you can combine large and small square basins according to your needs
6. Convenient to carry and use as a sorting frame. The small square basin occupies less space and is neat and convenient
7. The autumn and winter are boring and worry-free, there is a transparent insulation cover, and the problem of covering the insulation cover is completely solved!


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Weight475.0 kg
Dimensions445 × 300 × 85 cm

Rainbow Pastel, Creamy White, Charcoal Black


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